Your favorite Shiksa-Jew, Marcelle Sirkus, is back at it again with this latest addition to the Shiksa Guide Books series.

"A Shiksa’s Guide to Jewish Marriage: The to-dos before ‘I do’!" is entertaining and educational, filled with lots of great tips for planning a traditional Jewish wedding. Plus, there are lots of charmingly adorable pictures — so cute you could eat ‘em up!


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Fun and Informative!
Ms. Sirkus has crafted a fabulous gem for all the wannabe Yentas! Shiska's guide was a fun, quick read that you'll wish would go on and on. But alas, I learned a few cultural things, made a few understanding nods, chuckled and then the last page was upon me before I knew it.

Philip B.

Available on Paperback and Kindle.

Shiksa's Guide to Jewish Cooking - Book Cover

A Shiksa’s Guide to Jewish Cooking: The secret ingredient is salt! offers lots of fun facts about traditional Jewish foods, along with some tips will inspire readers to cook up some of these traditional specialties in their kitchens, too! Though it’s not exactly a cook book, it is about food, and it’s a lot of fun!

Available on Paperback and Kindle.